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Upholstery Courses

Our upholstery courses are available to book througout the year. With our classes ranging from begginer to advanced you're sure to find an upholstery course that's right for you. 

Upholstery courses and wokshops

We have been running upholstery courses and training upholsterers for over 8 years and have lots of experience in guiding students of all abilities through practical projects to produce excellent and professional results.  As a fully functioning workshop Oxford Upholstery has a team of highly skilled upholsterers who welcome students into the school and work to support their learning. We offer a range of Upholstery courses to suit all abilities from taster workshops to comprehensive training courses and upholstery classes.

Why learn upholstery?

Whether you want to learn upholstery as a hobby, for business purposes or just for that one off home project we aim for all students to turn out quality work they can be proud of.

We provide a friendly and inspiring atmosphere in which students can learn the techniques of traditional upholstery whilst experimenting with style and design to create unique pieces of furniture with their own individual badge of identity.

Oxford School of Upholstery is a recognised Training Centre for the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers offering their accredited Craft Certificate courses in Upholstery skills.


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